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    Requesting pictures:
      Files can be requested in a number of pre-defined formats.
      For example: /property/myawesomeproperty/1337/thumbnail will get
      you picture with ID 1337, linked to the property called
      'myawesomeproperty' in the thumbnail format (200x200).

      These are the available formats:
            screenshot_thumbnail (wxh: 160x128)
            screenshot (wxh: 640x512)
            member_logo (wxh: 100x100)
            basket (wxh: 60x200)
            checkout (wxh: 100x200)
            screenshot_shop (wxh: 800x600)
            myknx_list_thumb (wxh: 100x60)
            myknx_view (wxh: 200x150)
            small_thumbnail (wxh: 36x36)
            thumbnail (wxh: 80x80)
            exam_large (wxh: 700x500)
            exam_thumbnail (wxh: 200x200)
            customer_project_main_picture (wxh: 800x800)
            customer_project_thumbnail (wxh: 100x100)
            customer_project_pdf_picture (wxh: 3000x3000)
            organization_logo (wxh: 250x150)
            account_picture (wxh: 150x100)
            website_small (wxh: 150x150)
            website_medium (wxh: 580x580)
            website_large (wxh: 700x700)
            website_news_small (wxh: 312x312)
            website_news_medium (wxh: 381x381)
            ets_window (wxh: 300x300)
            latest_news (wxh: 500x500)
            shop_thumbnail (wxh: 54x54)
            customer_planning_pdf (wxh: 420x420)
            openapi (wxh: 1024x1024)
            1024x1024 (wxh: 1024x1024)
            96x96 (wxh: 96x96)
            128x128 (wxh: 128x128)